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~No Cotton Wool Kids~

Providing our children the freedom to explore and experience real life in Hawkes Bay

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Meet Ingrid & Megan

At A Home - Home Based Childcare delivers unbeatable care for your children. Give us a call today 0800 282 466 for a no obligation chat about you and your child’s needs.

Ingrid is a reflective practitioner and a gifted facilitator who has a passion for early childhood and for the natural unfolding of children’s development..Read more

Early Learning Insights

Why Children Climb by DR. Joe.L. Frost  | At A Home ~ Home Based Childcare

Neuroscience and related sciences confirm that play, including climbing, builds fitness and bodies and promotes general health across generations... Read More

FEELING DOWN? THEN GET DIRTY! SOIL IS THE NEW PROZAC By Dharam Barrett  | At A Home ~ Home Based Childcare

It’s official, soil microbes have been found to have similar effects on the brain and are without side effects of anti depressants or... Read More

‘Home Based Childcare – A Revolution is Underway, No Cotton Wool Kids’  | At A Home ~ Home Based Childcare

  http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday-news/raising-generation-cotton-wool-kids-video-5520779 Raising a generation of cotton wool kids Sunday... Read More